WK 1 – Classmate Conversation — Tina Tran

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to meet Tina Tran. Tina is a 5th year Biochemist major from Hungtington Beach, California.

From what I can recollect, she’s easy to talk to and super sweet! One thing I had to ask her is where she draws the line on what is art and what is not. Her response was the following:

“Art can take any form, but it has to have a meaning.”

For example, she stated that a simple item, like a hat, cannot be considered art; for it has no sentimental meaning.

I agree with her to an extent. However, I believe that as long as the artists knows the meaning behind that hat, it can be considered art to them. 

I hope that this semester I can get to know Tina more. I enjoyed talking to her.


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