WK 1 – Plaster Molding

First off, let me start off by saying that I had fun at the beach getting this project done. However, the result did not amaze me; rather, it made me embarrassed to the point where I can only laugh it off.

I read the instructions and I had my little brother help me by letting me use his foot instead of mine. I thought since he has a smaller foot, I wouldn’t have to waste so much plaster. However, when it got to the point where I had to mix the water and the plaster—things started to go downhill. Unfortunately, I waited too long and the plaster was already becoming too gooey. The plaster was setting too quickly that by the time I poured it in, I knew I had messed everything up. So I present to you… plaster casting gone wrong.

I’m even embarrassed posting this online for my teacher and my classmates to see, but hopefully you’ll all laugh this off with me. I had fun while doing this project, so that’s one good thing. I would like to try this activity again and hopefully I’ll succeed next time!


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