Wk 2 – Classmate Coversation — Yuliana Torres

This week I had the chance to get to know Yuliana Torres a bit better. She’s a 19 year old sophomore majoring in Psychology. Upon the many things I asked her, I’ll stick to just a few; otherwise this post would be super looooong.

To start off, something suprisingly weird, yet cool is that Yuli can draw and write with her toes! I would’ve asked her to prove it, but I forgot. She also went to the same high school as me, Long Beach Polytechnic High School! Some of her hobbies include cuddling with her three cats, Salem, Oreo and James (who has a bow tie and reminds her of James Bond), reading romantic/drama novels, and going on hikes and adventures. Yuli also used to be an equestrian, but she quit because it was too expensive. 😕

One of the most prominent questions I asked her was if she thought art is important or not? She responded the following, “Art is very important because without it, everything would be bland, no creativity. There’s no color without art.”

Because of this conversation, Yuli and I hope to become better friends in the future.

Check out Yuli’s blog here!


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