Wk 2 – Landscape with a Corpse 

Thinking about death is something I’d rather not do on my free time. In all sincerity, like most every other human being on this earth, I am scared about death and what is to come after it. There’s no evidence to prove that there is some sort of “afterlife,” so I try to remind myself that every moment of my life is precious and I should not take it for granted.

But if I had to describe the way I “picture” myself dying, I’d like it to be a peaceful death.

This Sunday, I went out for ice cream with my mom and my siblings. Afterwards I nagged my mom to take us to the park so I could take these pictures.

does this even look peaceful? take one.
does this even look peaceful? take two.
signall hill park, 5:42pm.

It’s not my best picture, but I hope to depict a scene of me at peace. When I sleep, I like to think I’m at peace (considering that I love sleep).

Now, as I write this post, I feel super itchy.

Please, do not sleep on the grass.


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