Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Aleah Lomeli 

Although finding a person to have a conversation with this past Wednesday was a bit hectic, I found someone!

Meet Aleah Lomeli, an 18 year old freshman majoring in Social Work.

Yes, we used a cute snapchat filter. It’s my favorite, so why not?

Aleah, is a freshman, meaning this is her first semester of college. I feel so old, but I’m technically only a few months older. She told me so far she’s enjoying college and is looking forward to the years ahead.

Aleah is also an athletic person and does all star cheer. I asked her if she did cheerleading back in high school, but she clarified that she did not. Other hobbies of her include art, but she says she’s not very good at drawing. It’s okay though, neither am I.

For this week, we were not provided with a question of the week as a class. Instead, we had to come up with our own. Seeing as we were in an art gallery, I asked her what her favorite piece of artwork at the gallery was. Aleah’s favorite was “2068” by Wansi Ieong. Turns out we both liked the same painting.

I hope Aleah enjoys college and achieves all her dreams.

Check out Aleah’s blog here!


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