Wk 5 – Graffiti Writing


Initially, I thought this project would be so easy that I would be able to get a good result. I thought wrong. I have to give props to graffiti artists—they make it look so easy.

Seeing as I did not know of any legal areas where I could spray paint, I used one of the poster papers given to us in our art kit. I also know I lack in artistic creativity, so I thought using my blog name would suffice. At first I outlined the letters, but even that didn’t make this any better. I thought I could create those cool block letters I see graffiti artists use. Again, I give them props, doing block letters is tough.

I now realize I need to practice my graffiti writing, considering the cans are still quite full. I just need to find a place where I can do this legally.

All in all, I enjoyed this project, as I have with every other project.


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