Wk 6 – Zines

For this week’s project I had to go through a long search through instagram and tumblr to find the most simple, yet beautifully taken pictures of the sky. I input a few of my own photographs as well.

This idea came to me after seeing one of the example zines on Wednesday, where the student only had pictures for their booklet. I thought it would be a good idea, since I’m not great with words, nor am I artistically gifted enough to draw my own pictures for a flipbook.

As seen throughout my blog, I love to keep things simple and neat. For this zine I did not add any handwriting, drawings, etc.––no other details other than just the pictures of the skies.

For the reader, I’d like them to figure out which is a beautiful sunrise and which is a beautiful sunset.

Overall, I loved this project since it gave me an excuse to finally get my dad buy more ink for the printer (plus I have essays and labs coming up soon, so the printer ink is very much needed).


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