Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Allison Cruz

I’ve missed having to do a classmate conversation blog post.

This week, I met Allison Cruz. She is a third year Studio Art major. Originally, she was a psychology major, but decided to quit that route considering she was not enjoying studying psychology as she thought she would. She also attends OCC while also having a job. She’s quite a busy person.

For the question of the week, we decided to choose the one of “would you be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career? Why or why not?”

Allison’s parents were originally not supportive of her pursuing art as a major. However, after seeing how much she was struggling with keeping up with her classes and actually enjoying what she was studying, they decided to let her switch to art. So naturally, she would also support her children if they wanted to purse an art career. She said she’d want them to do whatever their heart desires.

I’m happy I got to chat with Allison, she’s super nice and easy to talk to. 🙂

If you’d like, check out her blog here!


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