Wk 9 – Art Care Package


For this week’s activity, we were supposed to make an Art Care Package. Essentially, this does not have to be something full of what art is known to be; like art supplies, sketches, paintings, etc… It could be anything we want.

Now, this is a package I would send it to my childhood friend who will be entering college next year. She is two years younger than me and is currently a senior in high school. We met through our mothers, both were friends years back. I do not keep in contact with her as much, but whenever we see each other at family gatherings (we both have the same Godmother), we can talk to each other as if we had just seen each other the day before. Our friendship is like those in which you do not necessarily have to see each other constantly in order to remain close.

In this packaged, I composed it of what I think are college essentials, along with paint just so there could be something that could definitely be considered “art.” It consists of a cute, fake plant in a jar, sunglasses, two books (which I know she loves), string lights, a planer and a face mask. I am pretty sure she will want to dorm in college, so I think string lights and cute plants are essential for room decor. The sunglasses and books can be used for a quiet reading during her breaks out on a sunny day. A planner can help her maintain organized as well. And finally, a face mask is essential if you want to keep your skin healthy with all the stress that will surface with college. I hope with this package, it can remind her that I still cherish our friendship and am looking out for her even if we live in different cities.

Regarding questions on BeachArts blog post:

I think an Art Care Package like this can be similar to sending someone a Snapchat because both help you maintain contact. Of course, Snapchat is faster and better accessed, but a care package like this has more meaning than a cute video of yourself saying hello with a dog filter. With this package, it may take time, but it is worth waiting for since it is an act of kindness.

Ephemera is something precious. For example, my mom has a little cute pouch I used when I was younger. In it, I would put coins that I would use to buy candies after school. It is precious to her because it holds a memory of my childhood. I think if I gave my grandchild something that was precious to me when I was a child, they would also cherish it since they would love and cherish me (at least I hope so).


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