Wk 10 – Fiber Art Social Network

For this week’s activity, we were to create a Social Network using fiber to connect each other. The red string meant we had done a classmate conversation with them, black meant  we knew them before starting Art 110, and the white string meant we had done an art activity with them. Connecting these strings seemed easy at first, but it was tough considering the amount of string we would be intercepting with each other.

For my own social network I created one using my closest friends that I keep in contact with from high school. I only included those whom I truly still keep in touch with. Pink meant I have them as friends on my social media, blue meant we talk every once in a while, green meant we talk almost every day, or we see each other weekly, while orange was for those friends that also know each other. It’s sad to see that some of those friends I thought I would keep in touch with in college didn’t make the cut for this social network activity.

Referring to the questions posed on Beachboard…
1. Do you think of the term “Social Network” as applying to your RL life and your RL, physical friends? Or mostly to Online & Mobile tools that connect you to people in cyberspace?
I think it can be applied to both, seeing as I did one for my real life physical friends. However it is mostly applied to cyberspace, since I have friends online that I have as friends, but I have not said a single word to them in months, maybe even years.

2. Does Dunbar’s Number make sense to you? That we can only have around 150 truly meaningful relationships, and any others we know will be in more fragmentary ways?
It makes sense to me, since I have friends who I consider I am close to; but then I also have those friends who I only call them friends, but we are merely classmates. I think you can have a few friendships that will remain with you for a very long time, but there are those who you lose contact with after a certain period of time. For example, many of the friends I had in high school went to different universities and I no longer share a close relationship to them like I did in high school, where we would see each other on a daily basis.

3. What does it mean to have 1,000 or 2,000 or 5,000 Facebook “friends”? Who are these people? What sorts of relationships do you have to them?
I call them “acquaintances,” I mean you really can’t have 5,000 friends. A friend is someone, I think, you have a bond with. Unless you have met those 5,000 friends personally, or have talked to them through messages, or online direct messages, the you can’t really consider them your friends. At that point, they’re just people you added on Facebook.

4. When we visualized our Art110 Social Network, or when you visualized your personal Social Network, did anything surprise you? Did you find any connections or relationships that you hadn’t thought about or realized any different connections?
Yes, especially with the art conversations and activities! I was surprised at how many connections there were.

5. What’s your Personal Number? How many people would you like to have close relationships with in your life? 1? 10? 100? 1,000?
I’d say around 10. At the moment, I think I have about 3 close friends, and seven others who I talk to constantly. Of course, that does not mean I only have befriended 10 people, but I don’t consider them my closest friends.

6. Do you have more “friends” on Facebook or some other platform than are truly your “friends”? What is your relationship to those “extra friends”? Have these weak ties ever brought you new resources like a job opening, someone to date, a cool event, info for something you were working on, etc?
These “extra friends” are still my friends, nonetheless. They are people I care about and share memories with. They are people who make my life better. Some of them have brought me new resources, like a job opening. My friend actually told her manager about me and made getting a job easier.


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