Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Amy Song


This past Wednesday, I was able to meet Amy Song.

Amy is a sophomore majoring in Biology. She decided to study biology because aspires to become a future veterinarian. Like me, she is also from Southern California. However, she is more from inland.

During our conversation, we talked about many things–including our bus ride to campus. Turns out we were on the same bus! Apart from that, I asked her what made her want to join this class and she explained that she wanted to take an easy introductory class and she found out about this one. So far, she is enjoying the class.

For this week’s Question of the Day, we discussed whether Demi Lovato replied appropriately to a fan art posted on social media or not. A fan of hers depicted Demi with big breasts, a slim waste and a mermaid tail for their fan art. However, instead of thanking them for taking their time to draw them in such concept, Demi responded by stating that her body was not drawn accurately. Demi, as far as we (Amy and I) know, has struggled with an eating disorder in the pasts years. Upon asking Amy this question, she explained that she knew where Demi was coming from, but she should have responded in a nicer manner. Demi put off a rude impression by not thanking the artists first. However, the artist should have also taken into consideration that Demi is very conscious of her appearance; since in the past, she has dealt with bullying about weight gain/loss. I completely agree with Amy’s answer, as I can also see this issue from both Demi’s and her fan’s perspective.

I hope to get to know Amy better in the future. It was super nice meeting her. 🙂

 Check out Amy’s blog here!


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