Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Demi Kong


This week I got to meet Demi Kong.

Demi is a sophomore, just like me! She is currently pre-majoring in Health Care Administration. Her hobbies include cheerleading and playing games. Demi has actually been cheerleading since she was a freshman in high school and she now on the Club Cheer Team at CSULB as part of the cabinet. Her current favorite game to play is Overwatch on the PC which is a first person shooter. I’m not exactly sure what this means since I don’t play video games, but I have heard of Overwatch from other friends.

She also told me she was born in Long Beach and raised in the Cerritos area, but moved to Texas for 2-3 years during her elementary school years and then moved back to California. Currently, she lives in Bellflower.

While discussing our favorites, she told me her favorite color is pink and her favorite food are fruits.

For this week’s question, neither of us have not watched The Matrix. However, she said that if we were to choose, she’d pick the red pill. Demi explained that she would pick the red pill because she would rather be disappointed by reality than have fake happiness.

One more thing we have in common is that we’re both afraid of driving. :O

I really enjoyed talking to Demi this week. Check out her blog here!


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