Wk 15 – Artist Coversation – Amy Duran

Artist: Amy Duran
Exhibition: Love Houses
Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Media: Ceramics, clay
Instagram: @polkadot.pony
Website: Not updated

Amy Duran is an undergraduate at California State University, Long Beach. She transferred from Cypress College three years ago. Amy plans on graduating next semester and getting a BFA in Ceramics. Her interest in sculpting started in seventh grade. Although her parents were a bit unsure of her career choice, she says they are supportive of her. At the moment works as a cake decorator at Great Dane Bakery.

Stepping into the gallery, there was so much to look at. The first thing I noticed was what seemed like small sculptures depicting the story of Little Red Riding Hood. It was beautifully sculpted and it stood out from almost everything else in the gallery. I also saw loads of christmas themed pots, vases and smaller decorations. One of them was named “Love Houses.” This exhibition was full of vases and smaller christmas themed decorations with beautiful designs.

Amy told me that the exhibition was a collaboration between her and a friend, Luis Casas. They derived the name of the exhibition from Amy’s name in French and Luis’ last name in Spanish. Luis Casas focused on making the cases while Amy decorated them; like she does with the cakes at work. Amy’s smaller set of sculptures (as shown in the third picture) took a week to make. Amy decided to sculpt the set as showing influence from fairy tales she has read.

When asked how she decides how to price her outwork, she says she bases it on how long it took her work. I was astounded at how some of her artwork is priced at less than $50. Everything looks like it should be displayed at a fancy shop. Overall, I enjoyed interviewing Amy. I wish her luck in upcoming shows!


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